Intuitive control by means of a directional button that reacts to etery move mentalong with the initiation of its graphic changes.

We have paid special attention here to the perfect transfer of the functionality of the radio knob, which will slowly become a device less used.


naviPOINT Our proprietary marker system on fishing grounds allows for efficient and intuitive delineation of fishing and baiting locations, enabling many expanded naviPOINT marked areas.

Intermediate points

Extended system of marking route elements including the possibility of avoiding obstacles and reacting to the prevailing weather conditions.

This solution is, among others, an excellent solution for the so-called “Breaking sets” so that the return of the boat in a curve would prevent a collision with the hauled set.

Transparent access to options

Detailed route planning:
– Ability to precisely define the boat’s activities during the task,
– managing the sequence of opening the bait flaps
– determining the way to reach the target and the return
– options Last route plan replay function.


Each key operation is finalized in a series of clear messages, informing the stage of the task.

Ending the process

All the activities carried out by the application, which are sent to the transmitting and receiving modules, are the result of a thorough needs analysis in accordance with our idea “by anglers – for anglers”.

QR Code – Copy TXT

Our application enables a very simple and clear way of copying coordinate values by exchanging data between multimedia devices.


Thanks to the quick function of copying the values and reading the coordinates by the QR code reader, you can transfer saved naviPOINT between system users without errors.  VIDEO РQR CODE

Precise advanced settings

Advanced Settings give the opportunity of very precise settings of the boat parameters, so that the control from the naviBOAT application level and navigation functionality do not overload the regulators and power packs.

The intuitive installation and settings allow the system to be quickly adapted to each validated model.

naviBOAT in your boat

If you are interested in installing the naviBOAT system in your boat, fill in the assembly option verification form.

After verification, you will receive a code that allows you to purchase the device with assembly.