naviBOAT – Autonomous baitboat system.



The device is characterized by remarkably high precision in the implementation of tasks with an efficiency of up to 100% accuracy in reaching the target. The product is characterized by a highly intuitive application giving full control of the coordinate system (GPS – naviPOINT).

Key Features:

1. naviPOINT

Our proprietary marker system on fishing grounds allows for efficient and intuitive delineation of fishing and baiting locations, enabling many expanded naviPOINT marked areas.

2. Intermediate Points:

Extended system of marking route elements including the possibility of avoiding obstacles and reacting to the prevailing weather conditions.

This solution is, among others, an excellent solution for the so-called “Breaking sets” so that the return of the boat in a curve would prevent a collision with the hauled set.

3. Detailed route planning:

Ability to precisely define the boat’s activities during the task:
– managing the sequence of opening the bait flaps
– determining the way to reach the target and the return
– options Last route plan replay function.

4. Communication:

Each key operation is finalized in a series of clear messages, informing the stage of the task.

5. Project assumptions:

All the activities carried out by the application, which are sent to the transmitting and receiving modules, are the result of a thorough needs analysis in accordance with our idea “by anglers – for anglers”.